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The next evolution in transportation

Updated: Feb 29

For centuries, innovators have pioneered solutions for reliable transportation. Our methods of travel have evolved from using horses, to steam engines, to combustion engines. Gottlieb Daimler of Germany was the first to recognize the wide possibilities of the combustion engine, successfully trying it first in a motorcycle, and then in a carriage.

In 1885, Carl Benz developed the first automobile, which was successfully tested, and then patented January 29, 1886.

In 1895, New York patent attorney, George B. Selden, obtained the patent on all gasoline-powered vehicles in the United States. Despite the monopoly he created, it did not slow the manufacturing and sales of automobiles. Everyone was eager to get their own vehicle and have the ability to reliably travel long distances. Today, we could not imagine a world without automobiles.

And now, in the 21st century, it’s happening again.

Similar to how transportation evolved during the Industrial Age, Lit Motors is now poised to revolutionize transportation once again. This time, rather than focusing on reliability (a milestone humanity has already reached), we're spearheading a new era of sustainability.

Best of all, we have the patents to bring this vision to life!

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