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Be one of the first to own the Lit Motors AEV.

More efficient. More sustainable. Less car.


Here's how it works.

By placing an order for our T-shirt & certificate, you will gain eligibility to reserve a place in the queue 6-12 months before production.

Get your unique T-shirt & certificate.

Each purchase includes a Lit Motors T-shirt and Official Reservation Certificate with your unique queue number. This will be your queue number in our exclusive database.


Changing the world, one AEV at a time.

By investing in our mission for a more sustainable world, you're joining the movement of innovators, future-thinkers, and status-quo shakers. This is the transportation of the future: the efficient, elegant, and generation-defining solution you've been waiting for.

"What features does the C-1 include?"

AEV Specifications:

Seating: 1+1 (Driver+Passenger)

8-10x More energy efficient than average EV in its lifecycle

170mi per charge

13Kwh Battery pack

~5 min - 6 hrs Charge time

120-400 Volt

$1.40 Cost per charge (average)

0-60 in 5 Seconds

Speed 100+ Mph

170-220 Miles range                 

72Kw Motor (20Kw Nominal)

Up to 45 Degrees tilt/Lean angle 

Front & side airbags


Scissor doors

Aluminum/Steel chassis

In addition, the Lit Motors C-1 will feature standard 4W vehicle amenities, including (but not limited to) windshield wipers, stereo system, air conditioning, etc.

Based on our estimates, the projected MSRP is $32,000 but is subject to change.

"What happens after I place an order?

You will receive an initial confirmation email of your purchase, and then tracking information once shipped. Estimated delivery time for your Lit Motors T-shirt & Official Reservation Certificate is 6-8 weeks.

We'll contact you when the AEV is close to production to provide configuration, financing, and shipping options.

"Will the C-1 look exactly like the photos?"

We are currently refining the final beta prototype design. Vehicle design and specifications are subject to change.


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