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AEV: The Systemic Solution

Updated: Jan 11

We love that EVs have paved the way for more eco-friendly mindsets, but in reality, the modern EV is not as much of a solution as we think it is. The massive environmental costs required to produce batteries for these vehicles heavily outweigh the overall greenwashed public perception of EV's low carbon-emissions and sustainability. Only after they are in use, do they provide those eco-friendly benefits.

Considering how much the power grid would struggle to sustain an entire country of EVs in their current forms, it’s clear that this doesn’t make sense in the long run for our planet.

With these factors in mind, we recognize just how crucial it is to consider transportation a highly nuanced issue requiring a multifaceted approach: a real, systemically driven solution.

Most people drive alone (75% of people in the US, and 50% worldwide)  We simply cut the car in half! We can’t change the fact that we live in a car-dependent society, but we can change how we drive and what we drive.

There’s currently not enough electricity in the world to support all cars going electric → Our AEV uses 1/6 the battery size, is 6-8x more efficient than the standard 4W EV, and is 8-10x more efficient than the average EV over its lifecycle.


People have emotional attachments to their vehicles →  Sustainability should be appealing. In order for people to initiate a mass switchover from ICE to AEV, form is just as important as function.


Our AEV is beautiful (biased opinion) and additionally offers a totally new driving experience as the vehicle tilts and leans into turns. Whether you’re crazy about sustainability, cutting commute time, or just love our sleek design, there’s something for everyone to love.

The cost factor  We estimate our AEV will cost around $90 a year to operate. In comparison, the average EV costs around $485 a year - it’s a no-brainer when considering the long term cost for our wallet and environment.

The EV market has matured since 2015  Society is ready for the next big shift in how we transport ourselves, and this is it: the Lit Motors C-1 solves almost every facet surrounding transportation, carbon emissions, and barriers around introducing micromobility into our everyday lives.

More people are ready to make a switch to something more sustainable, more cost efficient, and definitely more fun to drive. That’s why we’re still here, doing our part to fulfill our mission of innovating and evolving the next stage of sustainability.

The future of transportation is looking bright!

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