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DRONE (Japan)

Lit Motors' AEV

"C-1"combines the strengths of cars and motorcycles to achieve comfort, safety, and efficiency


DRONE is a media platform featuring innovative tech from around the globe from robotics and drones, to EVs and space technology.

Micromobility Industries

The Crazy Story of Self-Balancing Enclosed Motorbikes and Their Potential for Micromobility

Ride On! Podcast interviews Danny Kim, an OG of the micromobility space. Dig into the early days of Lit Motors, the promise and potential of gyro-balacing technology in car/vehicles​, and more.



What Immobility Taught This Autos Startup CEO About Mobility

Lit Motors CEO, Danny Kim shares details on his motorcycle testing accident at Laguna Seca Raceways, his road to recovery and his experience with immobility.

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New York Times 

Self-Balancing Bike Seeks Best of 2 Worlds

A motorcycle can be fun, but being in a downpour or an accident on one is not. A car is safer, but parking is annoying. What if you got rid of the bad parts of both?



Two-Wheeled Electric Vehicle Builder Lit Motors Finds Funding From Mark Pincus And Kelly Slater

Lit Motors' much-hyped C-1 prototype lies in pieces in the back of the startup's South of Market offices in San Francisco. With green and red wires protruding and the doors taken off the frame, the enclosed, electric two-wheeled vehicle is a shell of what it was a year ago.



Lit Motors And Its Convention-Defying Motorcycle

It’s an Indian summer day in October in San Francisco’s SOMA district and Daniel Kim is walking in a trance. As we wander and chat about his company...



Lit Motors Kubo Cargo Scooter | CES 2014

Colleen Taylor learns more about the design and drive mechanics of Lit Motors new kubo cargo scooter at CES 2014.



Meet Kubo, The Crowdfunded Electric Cargo Scooter Made By Lit Motors

Lit Motors, the electric car startup that launched last year with its first vehicle called the C1, has debuted another sleek-looking electricity-fueled vehicle called the Kubo.

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TC Cribs: Lit Motors, Where Sleek Electric Cars (And More) Are Built From Scratch

We’re back with a brand new Cribs, the TechCrunch TV series where we go inside the gates of the hottest tech companies and get a grand tour of what the day-to-day work life is like — warts, perks, and all.

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And The Winner Of TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2012 Is… YourMechanic!

After nearly three days and plenty of pitches, our list of 30 hungry startups was trimmed down until there were only seven startups left standing: Expect Labs, Gyft, Lit Motors...



Is Lit Motors’ C-1 the shape of city cars to come?

A California company believes conventional cars are too big and inefficient for urban commutes. Jack Stewart test drives their answer – a two-wheeler that won’t fall over...

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Electric scooter design that makes a hole lot of sense

Lit Motors, a small company based in San Francisco, California I profiled in my last article, believes it might have a solution.



Lit Motors: Super-shrinking the city car

…[Daniel Kim's] company’s approach is different: shrink the car. Imagine if you could cut the size of a car in half, you could fit twice as many cars onto the streets, and into parking spaces



What If... We All Had A Car?

There are over a billion cars in the world today, and there could be as many as four billion by the middle of the century. So how will we keep the roads moving and prevent pollution rising?



Silicon Valley's hottest start-ups vie for attention

Designed to withstand the brute force of an impact with an SUV (sport utility vehicle), the C-1 is the world’s first two-wheeler stabilized by electronically-controlled gyroscopes that create over 1,000 pounds of torque...



Lit Motors' Kubo Scooter Is the Ultimate Urban Delivery Vehicle

Lit Motors is out with a new way to revolutionize schlepping your junk around town, and we got an exclusive crack at putting the Kubo through its paces.


USA Today

Change Agents: Daniel Kim lights up Lit Motors

“My end goal is to have a big, positive impact on the world in terms of carbon emissions and providing a safer and more enjoyable commuting experience,” says Kim.



Standhaft dank Kreiselkraft

Elektro-Roller könnten die Waffe der Wahl werden im Kampf gegen Verkehrskollaps in Mega-Citys. Wenn sie nur wetterfester und sicherer wären. Jetzt hat ein kalifornisches Unternehmen den Lit C-1 gezeigt. 


The Wall Street Journal

Apple Looking to Bolster Car Project

Apple Looking to Bolster Car Project Apple held talks with Britain’s McLaren Technology, Electric vehicle maker Lit Motors.

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Studio Visit: Lit Motors' Daniel Kim Gives a Tour

Before we went into this we said, “Let’s try to not pull a Segway. Let’s not dump $40 million into technology and realize that there’s no market for it.”


Los Angeles Times

Gyro-stabilized electric motorcycle hits road

A San Francisco start-up has designed a prototype for the world's first gyro-stabilized electric motorcycle. Lit Motors says the C-1 vehicle combines the efficiency and freedom of a motorcycle with the safety and convenience of a car.

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Lit Motors' self-balancing electric motorcycle unveiled

Lit Motors' self-balancing electric motorcycle unveiled. CNN's Dan Simon reports.

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Lit Motors C1 concept (photos)

A closer look at the fully enclosed self-balancing electric vehicle from Lit Motors.


Lean Startup

2012 Lean Startup Conference

Daniel Kim presenting at the 2012 Lean Startup conference.

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Exclusive: This Is the Gyro-Stabilized, Two-Wheeled Future of Transportation

This is the gyro-stabilized, two wheeled future of transportation.

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Lit Motors will shake up the electric vehicle market with its two-wheeled, untippable C-1

The recent influx of both high- and low-end EVs and electric motorcycles have shown promise, but current battery technology is still limiting, and the cost of entry is far too high


Electrify News

Meet the New Self-Balancing, Fully-Enclosed Electric Motorcycle

Lit Motors has a WeFunder crowdfunding campaign to raise equity money right now, offering a piece of the company to investors. It’s already raised over $1.1 million dollars.

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