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The Lit Motors Patent Moat

Updated: Feb 28

With 15 issued US patents, 11 control patents, 46 issued foreign patents, and 130+ international applications, our patents are valid through 2039 giving us a huge advantage over competitors in the EV market.

This patent moat is our strongest line of offense and defense, and allows for us to have a first-to-market advantage with our generation defining AEV.

Our patents also solve many of the issues surrounding micromobility.

With a wide variety of applications, our AEV platform and the technology we've developed around it is truly set to revolutionize personal travel as well as B2B, B2C, military/police/medical transportation, last mile commute options, and auto sports.

Below is a list of our published patents thus far:

Essential Control

Autonomous Driving & Collision Mitigation

Augmented Traction

Micromobility and Delivery


Miscellaneous utility

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