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Our vision for a brighter Portland

Shot of the Portland skyline with highways at sunset.

"Think local, act global."

As Oregon natives, we want to elevate our local economy, small businesses, and create room for more innovation and growth. Local impact matters, and where grassroots efforts truly begin. Our vision is to build and cultivate our community here—first Portland, then the rest of Oregon and beyond.

Elevating our city and way of life

Post pandemic, Portland is strained by a homelessness, drug abuse, and a record of $1 billion in lost revenue between 2020 and 2021 as residents moved away. 

According to a 2022 Portland Insights Survey:

  • 74%  said that Portland’s public areas were dirty

  • 35% reported they were dissatisfied”/“very dissatisfied” with Portland as a place to live.

We aim to lead Portland’s next era of growth, and restore the sense of vibrancy, optimism, hope, and economic productivity for a sustainable, equitable future.

That means creating:

  • more living wage blue collar jobs with benefits

  • solutions for more parking/accessibility for local small businesses

  • increased opportunities for tourism

  • support for urban planning geared towards micromobility

  • increased quality of life for our entire city

For example, why not repaint our highways (with the widespread adoption of our AEV) instead of widening them? We believe Portland has potential to become a leading US/international case study for best practices when it comes to urban planning. More walkable, accessible, urban hubs geared towards more living and less unnecessarily long-distance trips requiring heavy, 5-passenger vehicles.

Amsterdam in the daytime with many bikes parked on side of brick pathway

Renowned for its bike-friendly culture and extensive cycling infrastructure, Amsterdam is an incredible example of a city that has successfully prioritized micromobility to the benefit of air quality, safety, traffic congestion, and quality of life for residents. It's easy to get around, creates more opportunity for beautiful spaces for everyone to enjoy without wasting space normally required for roads and highways. A win-win for people and the environment!

Curitiba publice transportation

Curitiba, Brazil, is another excellent example of what happens when a city prioritizes micromobility over cars. Known as a pioneer in urban planning and sustainable transportation, Curitiba has invested in a robust network of bike lanes, pedestrian zones, and bus lines connecting residential areas to commercial hubs, parks, and public transportation. By creating multiple avenues to commute that are faster, easier, cheaper, and more convenient than driving a car, transportation becomes less about car dependence and more about accessibility, sustainability, and equitable solutions.

When taking into account the inefficiencies accompanying car dependency, 2-wheel solutions (bicycles, electric scooters, bike sharing programs, etc.) are truly the way forward when it comes to addressing the major paintpoints of transportation.

Our long term plan: bringing new industry to Portland

The emergence of new industries play a crucial part in transforming cities, economically and socially. Economic growth and job opportunities go hand-in-hand with fostering innovation, diversity, and community engagement; all crucial aspects of a growing city.

What would this look like for Portland?

Portland highways at night, over Central Eastside and OMSI

Imagine two (or more!) new Lit Motors manufacturing/production facilities located in Portland city limits, and the subsequent number of small to medium businesses that would emerge.

These businesses would form an entirely new ecosystem to support everything from aspects of manufacturing to logistics, transportation, research and development, suppliers and distributors, support services tailored specifically for things like waste/recycling management, and more. The economic growth opportunity is massive, with the potential to fuel the city with more jobs and opportunities to grow in tandem with Lit Motors.

Woman walking with bike at golden hour, next to Willamette River in Portland

Not only is it possible for Portland to become leaders in sustainable transportation and urban planning similar Amsterdam and Curitiba (but with our own flair!), our strategy for widespread adoption of our AEV would become a roadmap for other cities to follow suit.

When we grow, Portland does too.

We want to make investing in our vision easy and equitable because investing shouldn't be scary, and not limited to millionaires or billionaires. Equity crowdfunding opens the doors for anyone to invest, whether or not they're an accredited investor. This is our way of growing with our community, elevating the city we love and giving back with a long-term plan for success.

Join our community and opt into the mission for a better, brighter world starting with our home... Portland.

Here's how to get involved, regardless of where you are:

  • Check out our equity crowdfunding campaign and share it with family or friends who would resonate with our mission

  • Spread the word about our mission within your communities (local/state/federal). The more eyes, the better!

  • Connect us with press, organizations, or people who can help get us more visibility and move forward (this includes podcasts, newsletters, etc.)

  • Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, X (Twitter), and subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

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