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We've launched an equity crowdfunding campaign 🚀

If you've been following our newsletter, you'll know that 2024 started with a bang as we launched an equity crowdfunding campaign to our closest community first.

And now the campaign is officially PUBLIC 🙌

We're excited to lead the way in agile, efficient, and sustainable transportation. Shifting the way we approach transportation has the potential to change how we live, drive, and exist in our communities. We believe in less: less congestion, less pollution, and less waste of time, money, and resources.

The C-1 truly has the potential to change the world— it’s something we don’t take lightly, and we thank you for seeing and believing in our mission. 🙏

“How can I support the campaign?” Tell your friends!

There are many ways to support the mission, and we appreciate you spreading the word! Feel free to use the language below in your social posts or texts, or send this blog link to a friend:

Agile, efficient, and sustainable, Lit Motors is shaping the future of transportation with an entirely self-balancing 2-wheeled AEV. Founded on the mission to reduce waste, emissions, and commute time, we have a vision to revolutionize the daily commute in a world where the majority of people drive solo (75% US, 50% globally!)

  • Cost-effective: A more efficient battery lends to low operating costs for the consumer; approximately ~$96 a year depending on regional cost of electricity.

  • Time saving: Cut daily commute by 20-30% with ability to lane split, quick charge time, and ease of parking in urban areas

  • Sustainable for the planet: 1/6 the battery size required (compared to a traditional EV), 1/10 the parts of a 4W vehicle meaning more efficient manufacturing process with less emissions, and just a fraction of lifetime carbon emissions compared to the typical EV.

And speaking of a smaller battery pack…

Our vehicle platform paves the way for an EV future with a smaller battery pack: radically reduced battery replacement costs, less energy consumption, more efficiency, faster charging capability, lower manufacturing costs & environmental impacts, and less effects on range due to reduced vehicle weight. Smaller is better!

Link to campaign (copy + paste!):

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