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Chief Engineer, Stefan Schäper, Joins the Team

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

Stefan Schäper has joined the Lit Team as the VP of Chassis and Integration to further develop Lit’s serial production prototype.

Stefan worked 20 years for Audi as a chassis engineer and was the head of development for Audi’s 2018 E-Tron GT. We are beyond excited to welcome him on board!


Gen2 Prototype Building

Engineering Team VPs and Daniel Kim met in Arizona to discuss budget and fundraising plans for the Gen 2 prototype.

Image above: Micheal Bailey, David Bailey, Daniel Kim, and Volker Kaese (left to right).

David Bailey is our VP of Controls and has 36 years of experience in Control Moment Gyroscopes (CMG) and Space Systems at Honeywell. He has been part of the Lit Team for the last 7 years. Here is a brief explanation and a MatLab simulation of the CMG non-linear controls model that he has single-handedly developed.

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