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Building a pathfinder chassis 🛠️

Over the next several months, we will be embarking on hand building a pathfinder chassis here at our Portland Vehicle Integration Lab. This chassis is not meant to be driven, but will be a low cost iteration exploring our new vehicle architecture and validate our new embedded and balance system at a standstill.

This data will provide critical feedback, ensuring that:

  1. The gyros and controls system will balance based on our new control model and control patent that was issued last year (link to patent).

  2. Our full sized gyroscopes fit into our new design specifications

We'll use this data to inform our development partners in Ingolstadt, Germany for the next iteration when we pass off the new exterior design package. Really cool stuff!

To begin this process, we painstakingly hand drew a surface plate in centimeter increments, accurate to half a millimeter (which saved us $50,000-$150,000!).

This will act as a flat plane used as a horizontal reference space for 3-D measurements. In short, this surface plate will ensure this next chassis is accurate and symmetrical in dimension as we build.

Tune in as we'll be sharing more updates on this exciting new build!

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