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Company Timeline

Dreaming of the future since 2006.


2003-2005: the First Car & Drive Test

Our founder, Danny Kim, self-assemble the perfect SUV by doubling the efficiency of a Land Rover Defender 90 - customizing 60% of the parts over a year and a half.


To conduct a longevity test, Dan drove 8000+ miles across the country twice to work the bugs out of the custom drivetrain.


2006: the Second Car

Then Dan built a second one. During this process, Dan came to realize the inefficiency of such large vehicles and dreamed of a simpler and more exciting way of getting around.


2008: the C-1's First Appearance

Dan's first sketch of the C-1 brought together a team of designers from Rhode Island School of Design and engineers from Olin College of Engineering and MIT.


2009: the First Gyro-Stabilizer

The first gyro was made in 2009 on a $200 budget using Arduino and RC components.


2010: the First Prototype “EP 1”

After moving to San Francisco with $40,000 and a team, the development kicked off. EP-1 is fully functional and ready for fundraising.


2010-2011: Moving towards Prototype ‘EP-2’

6'2" engineer tests the human factors on the first C-1 design study


2011: the First Product Line-up of Litmotors

2012: Gyro #3 fully installed in EP-3

Wild Factory creates a 1:1 ‘looks-like’ model for the C-1.

Ready for a CNN shoot: say Cheese!

First closed-loop controlled gyros at 700 ft-lbs of torque.


2012: EP-3 is ready for Tech Crunch Disrupt

EP3 with doors and prototype suspension installed.


2014: Investors

Yves Béhar, Damon Way, Steve Rocco, Kelly Slater, Mark Pincus, Scott Belsky, and Jung-Ju Kim invest in Lit Motors.


2014: First official Team Photo


2014: First Test Drive of EP-4

Auto-balancing Electric Vehicle (AEV) for its first drive test at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.


2014: Willy tests the AEV's stability on ice.

IMG_3607 copy.CR2

...Until Now!

Back in development.

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