The new inner city
electric commuter for
everything you carry with you

Space for your essentials and more.
The Kubo is a small, nimble tool designed for urban environments with the flexibility to haul a variety of packages and goods. You are free to conquer the urban jungle and bring your stuff with you. Kubo is also a great solution for delivery fleets, as it offers a low cost of operations, high efficiency, and the adaptability to tailor configurations based on your requirements.
A new standard in safety and stability
With the optional addition of gyroscopic stabilization, driving Kubo is a stress-free experience. Our proprietary technology provides dynamic balance and stability to ensure that you and your cargo arrive at your destination safely. This auto-balancing also opens the door for the future integration of remote return functionality.
Compact, portable folding body
Kubo is designed to fit comfortably in even the most crowded city environments. Lightweight and foldable, Kubo is the agile solution to short commutes and deliveries that is easy to take and store anywhere you need it.

Weight              120-150 lbs.
Cargo Size       40" x 40"
Range              30-50 km
Top Speed       40-60 kph
Starting at $5000
Gyro stability system   +$2,000
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