We are tackling the four major shortcomings of mobility:
Safety, accessibility, autonomy
and clean propulsion.

Our mission is to redefine safety for
2-wheel vehicles, allowing more
people to access performance and
efficiency once reserved for motorcycles.

By combining control moment gyros, a satellite technology, drive-by-wire steering, on a highly efficient 2-wheel platform, we have developed the next-generation of automobile that defies gravity and convention.

A new category of safety on 2-wheels
The AEV platform is setting a new standard in 2-wheel safety by creating the first vehicle to marry control moment gyroscopes for dynamic balance and stability with passive safety features such as space frame construction for protection in the event of an impact, airbags and seatbelts.

Lane split with confidence.

Designed as the ultimate commuter and city car, the C1 features a slippery drag coefficient of .20 which allows for high efficiency and range of approximately 100 miles at 9.5 miles/kWh. The control moment gyro technology will enable drivers to access performance previously reserved for the world of Moto GP. You will soon be able to lane split with confidence and reduce daily commutes up to 40% of commutes in 4-wheel vehicles.

Commute in comfort in all seasons.
The proprietary control algorithms the manages the C1's stability systems adds an additional layer of accessibility through our augmented traction control. What that means for you is performance in any candition, rain sleet or snow. Commuting on 2-wheels has never been safer or more comfortable. The enclosed canpy keeps you warm and dry while othe dyanmics systems keep you on the road, regardless of the season.

First self-balancing 2-wheeler
that drives in reverse.

Typically reserved for 4-wheel cars, the AEV (Autonomous-balancing Electric Vehicle) platform not only auto balances but features a reverse drive mode to allow easier ingress and egress out of tight city streets and parking spots.